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Every year new Christmas ads are released to inspire us, make us laugh and make us cry.


Some of the best Christmas campaigns past and present

Some of the best Christmas campaigns past and present


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Burberry, 'From London With Love', 2014

A couple falls in love and gets swept up by the mood of Christmas. The campaign by luxury British fashion house Burberry combined Christmas with star power. The film that depicts a lifestyle also shows what Burberry sells.

Why it worked:

  • The campaign...

WestJet, ‘Christmas Miracle’, 2013

Canadian airline WestJet asked customers what they wanted for Christmas before they boarded the flight. Workers then had their gifts wrapped and placed on the baggage carousel when they arrived at their destination. The real-life film has been viewed over 48 million times.

Why i...

Coca Cola, ‘White Christmas’, 2014

This Cola Cola campaign brought the magic of a white Christmas to people in Singapore who would never experience it since they have tropical heat for their Christmas period.

Why it worked:

  • The campaign allowed people from across the world to share ho...

John Lewis, ‘Moz the Monster’, 2017

A boy befriends the loveable monster under his bed. Moz the Monster has fun with him every night and keeps him from being afraid.  John Lewis created this campaign with the tagline, 'For gifts that brighten their world'.

Why it worked:

  • The campaign r...

John Lewis, ‘Buster the Boxer’, 2016

John Lewis created a film about a girl who wish for a trampoline for Christmas. Her dog ends up enjoying the gift after witnessing nocturnal animals playing on it the night before.

Why it worked:

It was simple, funny, and executed perfectly.

Apple, ‘Share your Gifts’, 2018

This animated campaign put a different take on Christmas. It combined three tools in marketing - a compelling story, a great track, and a dog.

Why it worked:

  • Apple nailed the intrigue and emotional aspect of a great story.
  • Within a m...

Aldi, ‘Santa Crashes Christmas’, 2018

This short film tells the story of Santa crashing in the Australian outback. The community rebuilt his sleigh and got him ready to deliver presents for Christmas.

Why it worked:

  • The ad is lighthearted and easy to grasp but is still meaningful and res...

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Its interesting and this should serve as a reminder to not be swayed by consumerism



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