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6 Ways to Build a Collaborative Workplace Culture in 2022 and Beyond

6 Ways to Build a Collaborative Workplace Culture in 2022 and Beyond



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Developing a collaborative culture

Over the last 18 months, companies have wrestled with extraordinary change and disruption. One challenge is employees that want to work in a hybrid environment. Deloitte reported that 68 percent of executives surveyed are implementing a combination of physical workspaces and remote work. ...

Be deliberate in creating a collaborative culture. Give it the same priority as the elevator pitch. Find input from other CEOs, mentors, and employees.

Make the words that describe the company culture a mantra and use it with every audience - employees, customers, investors, and the public....

People build connections by doing things together. Employees that are engaged are excited, enthusiastic, and involved in the success and direction of the company. 

The hybrid work norms depend on new models of engagement. For example, investing in faster in...

Consider how to connect with the newest employees in your organisation to make them feel part of the culture and the team.

Start with the cultural conversation.

  • Tell them what collaboration means and create opportunities for new hires to share an...

Collaborative cultures succeed when each employee has some opportunity to do what they do best and work with other teams toward common goals.

Over the last 18 months, many employees dealt with the added challenges of schooling and childcare. Friction may exist among co-work...

  • The customer is the best reason for collaboration. Working together cross-functionally can provide the opportunity to solve a problem for a particular customer.
  • Invite employees to join in solving a problem they didn't cause. Completing tasks togethe...

In the collaborative culture, the purpose of conducting meetings is for open and honest dialogue.

Every person in the organisation will impact cultural collaboration as they commit to listening and actively considering all points of view.

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