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The authors researched self-made billionaires to find out what made them stand out from regular employees, entrepreneurs and even millionaires. This book puts self-made billionaires in one of two very distinctive categories of people, and observes the 5 habits, or rather dualities, that allow them to create value on such a massive scale.

The Self-Made Billionaire Effect

The Self-Made Billionaire Effect

by John Sviokla, Mitch Cohen


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The Billionaire

Want to know if you’ve got what it takes to be a billionaire? Take a look at these 3 lessons and see how you stack up:

  • Billionaires are multitaskers.
  • Risk is relative.
  • Producers must partner with performers.

Billionaires are extremely good at juggling multiple ideas, all the time.

These are people with a clear vision, innovative ideas and the skills to bring the resources together, that’ll make them a reality. That makes them different from performers who are highly specialized, and usually ver...

The fine line between too risky and not promising enough is hard to strike, but billionaires obviously excel at it. What allows them to only take the exact risks they need to take, and not more?

It’s not that billionaires take more risks than the average entrepreneur – they roughly take the...

 Michael Bloomberg worked as an investment banker and got fired shortly after getting a promotion because his bank was acquired.

Instead of taking another investment bank job, he used his $10 million severance pa...

Being producers, billionaires must, however, partner with performers, in order to succeed.

Imagine Steve Jobs without Steve Wozniak. You’d have an incredibly creative and visionary human being, with charming people skills, who couldn’t build a single computer.

Likewise, S...

A producer usually has a the big picture in really great control, but thus can’t fully concentrate on the single aspects that can sometimes make or break a business, such as product manufacturing, accounting, marketing or HR – that’s why producers have to partner with the right performers at the ...

Skills Needed

  • Ability to dream and act.
  • Imagine what is possible.
  • Design to capture the greatest value.

Design Considers

  • Strategy and tactics.
  • Terms of sale and the deal.
  • Ownership and distribution...

  • Ideas – Empathetic Imagination: See the big picture. Come up with and explore new ideas.
  • Perspective – Patient Urgency: When bringing product to market, they’re able to work at multiple speeds and time frames, poised to seize opportunities.

  • Producers blend new opportunities within an old mode.
  • Having a blockbuster idea requires real immersion in a subject, real willingness to come up with many ideas, and the ability to suspend judgment of ideas that may seem odd or out there.
  • Blockbuster ideas begin with empathy...

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