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Video SEO: How to Optimize Your Videos for Search - SharpSpring

Video SEO: How to Optimize Your Videos for Search - SharpSpring

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The Product Video

Videos are becoming major marketing assets. They can get your products noticed by a wider audience, build your brand awareness and bring in sales. This is why understanding video SEO is so helpful to modern marketers.

Product videos are also a powerful way to boost your conversions by demonstrating your products in action.

So how to optimize your video content to turn it into an effective marketing medium? Here are all the steps.


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Step 1: Research Your SEO Opportunities

Run your target keywords in tools like SE Ranking and go through those keywords to identify those that may benefit from a video explanation.

SE Ranking will alert you of keyword difficulty (i.e. how hard it is going to be to rank your content on the first page) and generate the SERP snapshot showing some recent movements.

Keyword clustering is a solid technique that will help you identify topics behind those keywords and optimize your future video for a group of search queries rather than an individual keyword string.


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Step 2: Create Your Video

Start small and simple and enhance your tactics going forward:

  • Create explainer videos using tools like Zoom
  • Create video animations using tools like Animatron
  • Put together video slideshows using tools like PlayPlay

In fact, there are lots of tools that can make it easy for anyone to create useful and professional videos. These include iMovie, VideoLeap, etc. None of those tools requires any serious training or money investments.


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Step 3: Upload Your Video to Youtube

Youtube is where video marketing should start (and in many niches, end).

  • Youtube is a discovery platform of its own. If you do your job right (more on this below), Youtube will start suggesting your videos to people who want similar content or like similar topics. This way, your products have a chance to be discovered by someone who never knew they needed you. This is powerful because Youtube is an insanely popular platform.
  • Youtube ranks well! I don’t have any official stats to support this but from my own observations, 90% of videos in those video carousels come from Youtube.


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Step 4: Create Text Content Around It

Google has got much better at indexing video content and understanding what the video is about.

Yet, textual context still matters for organic rankings, as even Googlers admit that text content is still important for the algorithm to rank pages:


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Optimization Ideas

  • Focus your video title around the keyword you identified in the very first step of this article
  • Don’t forget to add your URL on top of your description to make it visible before the click
  • Add hashtags to the video description to help Youtube categorize your video
  • Create a clickable table of contents using Youtube timestamps.


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Step 5: Link to Your Video Page and Share Around

While text is important, backlinks are still key to ranking anything in organic search. While those backlinks will hardly help a video rank inside the Youtube platform, they are crucial to getting your video ranked inside organic search carousels, and those views will help it do better inside Youtube as well.

  • If you are losing the point, let me make it simple for you:
  • You need backlinks to rank your videos in Google’s search
  • Google will send views to your video
  • Those highly-targeted views will help your video gain more visibility on Youtube as well.


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Step 6: Come back Often to Reply to Comments

Engagement is crucial for Youtube visibility as the platform wants to surface content that provokes discussions and shares. So what you really need for your video success is engagement in the form of likes and comments. But the next step is engaging back. You need to be regularly there to reply to comments and share your videos again.


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Final Thoughts

Video optimization is an important part of any SEO strategy, and it is also one of the most doable ones. You don’t need huge budgets to launch a video strategy for your brand, and the smart SEO-focused approach it will yield solid results within a couple of months.


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