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A little about mental health


Expert approved ways to improve your mental strength  | The Times of India

Expert approved ways to improve your mental strength | The Times of India


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Mental strength: How to boost it?

What your mental strength is what your attitude will be towards the innumerable hindrances and obstacles that are likely to come in your way in life.

You can either live life one day at a time or plan elaborately for a distinct near future, but for all of that you need to develop a mental s...

What is mental strength?

Psychologists define it as the measure of resilience when a certain individual braves adversity.

Every individual exhibits a certain type of attitude while facing a difficult situation and that attitude entails mental strength.

Negative turns in life events, crisis, f...

How to boost mental strength?

In order to boost mental strength, one needs to adopt a psychological exercise. This involves understanding core beliefs, figuring out the strengths and weaknesses, creating extra space for positive thoughts, knowing a proper way to channel emotions, and observing daily activitie...

How to use mental energy?

Mental energy should be used for productive tasks.

For example, try to find a long forgotten hobby or leisure activity that you had interest in during school days.

When your thoughts are not productive, try to distract it towards the hobby.

A hobby engage...

Interact, don't isolate

Though self-isolation is the need of the hour due to rising cases of Omicron, it is not isolation literally.

Though one is confined within four walls to stop the spread of the virus, one can always reach out to people virtually. Make the most use of the internet.

Participate in grou...

Read, read, read

Do not stop reading, no matter how difficult it is for you to concentrate. Reading books on self development will not only give your insights on coping with stress, it will also make you aware of various facts that can actually productively boost your mental health. The time engaged in reading ca...

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Here are five things you can start doing now to make yourself mentally stronger this year:



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