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Please Stop Using These Phrases in Meetings

Please Stop Using These Phrases in Meetings


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"You’re on mute"

These words quickly signal that a speaker needs to click the unmute button. But the phrase — often uttered by multiple people at once — has become notoriously grating. It also makes the person on the receiving end of the comment feel silly.

A gentler, alternative, “If you’re speaking, ...

Many of us have heard this metaphor in many a meeting. But what is the speaker actually saying about the initiative being described? Is it flying at so quick a speed that we can’t be expected to understand or question its flaws? Is this turn of phrase an excuse for haphazard execution?

Without a clear, quick mention of how and when this “offline” conversation will take place, this is a jargony way to dismiss someone’s idea and put them off indefinitely.

And since any meaningful follow-up will likely take place online, it also no longer makes sense. W...

If meetings are well-structured, well-run, and surprisingly concise, we should celebrate the fruits of our collaboration and look forward to our next gathering.

The next time you find yourself tempted to offer your teammates a few precious “minutes of their life back,” consider saying, ...

Often among the first words uttered by an online meeting host, this practice dishonors the time of those who joined on time and does nothing to establish a culture of punctuality for meetings.

At the same time, there are legitimate reasons why an individual may be late to a Zoom meeting (o...

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