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Everything You Need to Know About Sets, Reps & Rest Periods

Everything You Need to Know About Sets, Reps & Rest Periods

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth


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Podcast: Key Takeaways

  • If you’re not seeing progress, the best program is the one you’re not doing! Example: if you usually train low weights and high reps, start training with heavy weights and fewer reps
  • A guaranteed way to break through the training plateau: Don’t change your routine – just man...

Exercise Versus Training

  • Programming is what will make or break your progress
  • A lot of programs are just a bunch of exercises and aren’t designed for a specific outcome like training
  • Training programs are designed to build strength, make you faster, lose body fat, etc.
  • Exercise programs desig...

Defining A Set

A set is a specified period of time you’re doing an exercise

  • Defining sets helps you define reps, rounds, volume
  • Multiple sets will lead to greater improvement compared to a single set

Sweet spot: 9-18 sets per body part, per week

The fitness level and genetic potential of an individual plays a role in the number of sets needed

Two approaches to try:

  1. Fewer sets with more exercises
  2. More sets with fewer exercises

It’s important to practice lifts and improve movements  

A Superset And A Drop Set

Superset: two exercises together with no rest

  • Supersets can be the same body part or opposing body part
  • Supersets work particularly well when cutting calories and will use lighter weights

Drop set: finish a set at a particular weigh...

The Rep

Rep: one full completion of an exercise

  • Reps get the muscle to move with resistance and send muscle-building stimulus
  • For strength building, stay between 1-30 reps – anything higher becomes more cardio like
  • Working with higher reps elicits a different r...

The Tempo

  • Your body gets used to working at a certain tempo but it’s important to manipulate
  • Tempo plays a huge factor with reps: when lifting heavy it’s faster, move explosive tempo; when going for a pump it’s slower, more controlled
  • Each variable of tempo can be manipulated depending...

The Importance Of Rest

Without rest, the body uses energy that encourages endurance and stamina instead of muscle and you’re basically doing cardio with weights

  • Resting allows the body to replenish energy – the body needs to go through a specific energy change
  • Rest should be 30 secon...

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A simple 🏋🏻‍♂️ trick to avoid hitting the plateau.



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