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The 70/20/10 Rule For Growing in Your Job

The 70/20/10 Rule For Growing in Your Job


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The 70/20/10 tactic

Researchers interviewed successful and effective people to discover how they learned to become successful. They found that:

  • 70% of their learning was from the experiences they had.
  • 20%

The growth mindset, or learning mindset, is the idea that you want to come to this experience open to learning instead of clenched-jawed and with a performance mindset. You still want to perform but also learn from others about yourself.

Practices of a growth mindset

  1. Work on your mindset. You won't learn if you try to prove how great you are or prevent people from thinking you're weak.
  2. Set an intention for how you want to grow. Experiences are random. If you know which area you need to grow, such as being a bette...

Opportunities to challenge yourself

Experiences that help people learn the most are:

  • Highly visible experiences because they're more challenging.
  • Experiences where there's a lot at stake.
  • Experiences where you're crossing boundaries. For example, a market...

People returning to the office will want a certain kind of leadership. So it comes down to three things:

  • Confidence, because they are scared and want to know that someone is confident that we'll get through this.
  • Competence, so that they can be...

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