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What Is Content Operations? A Straight-Forward Guide

What Is Content Operations? A Straight-Forward Guide

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Content Operations

Content Operations

Content operations is the combined foundation of people, process, and technology that allows an organization to effectively and efficiently maintain its content lifecycle from start to finish. This framework spans the strategy, creation, publishing, distribution, and management of content.

Content operations focus on three elements:

  • People: who is performing a task and what their roles and responsibilities are.
  • Process: what functions are needed to complete a project successfully.
  • Technology: what tools help build out a content operations system.


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In content and content operations, the people are the foundation. While customers sit at the center of content, the operations aspect focuses on the company and its team. Roles and responsibilities should be well-defined and outlined to keep the system running smoothly.

As long as the roles and responsibilities are clear, the team and its operations should function successfully.


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Your team — and their roles and responsibilities — will help determine workflows to keep your content moving from planning to publishing.

Style guidelines, templates, and content governance models strengthen processes and promote accountability and consistency. These frameworks help keep content on track, but they need to be used with technology to ensure content operations are running smoothly.


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Because the planning and execution of content are so extensive, teams require multiple resources to be successful.

The technology for content operations can fall into categories such as:

  • Project Management & Scheduling
  • Task Management
  • Content Execution
  • Analytics & Reports.


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Why content operations matter

Content operations lead to results, and they result in:

  • Saving time and money. When a content operations team establishes a sound cycle between people, processes, and technology, it leads to efficiency.
  • Content operations promote better quality content.
  • Producing content faster. When faced with an immovable deadline, content operations keep teams on schedule.
  • Happy and confident teams. When team members are unhappy or confused about their roles, responsibilities, or resources, their work may reflect it.


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