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7 exercises to calm stress, anxiety, overthinking 🧠  journaling & mindfulness

7 exercises to calm stress, anxiety, overthinking 🧠 journaling & mindfulness



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Exercise #1: braindump

Make a list of all the things that stress you out or give you anxiety and don't hold back

While doing this, be honest and don't filter yourself


  • It will help you become more aware of why you feel stressed 
  • It can help you release your thoug...

Exercise #2: Investigate the beliefs, mindsets or habits

Ask yourself honestly what beliefs, mindsets or habits might be contributing to your stress and anxiety 

Make a to do list or simply write your thoughts, it's up to you. You have to investigate your mind

Is it your perfectionism? Are you trying to people ...

Exercise #3: What's within your control vs. outside your control

You can draw a circle: Inside the circle there are the things within your control, and outside, the things that are outside of your control

This will help you understand if you are wasting your energy and thinking on the things you can do nothing about

Also this will ...

Exercise #4: Visualize peace

Ask yourself what does peace look like to you

Try to describe it, visualize it and imagining it 

You can draw it, create a vision board or simply write it down

Exercise #5: Mindfulness

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is peaceful about today?
  • What is peaceful about your space?
  • What is peaceful about what's outside your window?
  • What is peaceful about the sounds you hear?
  • What is peaceful about your relationships?
  • ...

Exercise #6: Tech/Social Media detox

Sometimes, our tech habits can take away our peace

Instead of being a victim of technology, you want to be in control  and intentional of it

Ask yourself how you want to detox from tech today or this week

Exercise #7: The jar exercise

Imagine a jar, you have three things: Big rocks, pebbles and sand

If you fill the jar with sand completely to the top there'll be no space for bigger pebbles or rocks

If you fill up the jar with sand you can't fit the big things, but if you put the big rocks in first the pebbles and s...

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