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As human beings we are influenced by thousands of messages per day. Brands want our attention, purchase and loyalty. So what's the best way to get it? Appeal to our human emotions. Let's explore whether positive or negative messaging works better, and why all brands must focus not so much on WHAT they say but HOW they say it.


The Ultimate Guide to Emotional Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Emotional Marketing


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Emotional Marketing: Branding with Heart

Hey! You're amazing.

Now that I've got your attention let's talk about what just happened: telling you something positive about yourself focused on producing a singular emotional response. You might even have felt some warmth in your chest from this message.

But what if I said somethi...

Role of Emotion in Consumer Behavior

From three basic colors (red, blue and yellow) and 11 main colors you can create 10 million shades on a spectrum that can be seen by the human eye. 

Emotions have a similar spectrum.

According to studies reported in

Emotional Consumer Decisions

Plenty of research shows that emotion influences consumer behavior

  • Studies using fMRI showed that personal feelings and experiences drive consumer decisions more than information like features and facts.
  • ...


Emotional responses to marketing actually influence a person’s intent and decision to buy more than the content of an ad or marketing material.

Brand & Marketing: Which Emotion Should You Target?

The emotion your marketing targets will depend on your industry, offer and audience. 

But consider the difference between positive & negative framing:

  • Positive Framing...

Why Your Brand Should Use Positive Framing

Scientists at Yale and Duke discovered that humans have a preference for the positive that is deeply rooted in our DNA. This cognitive bias has been illustrated in thought experiments and scientific studies for years. 

  • Positive Framing: ATTRACTS
  • Negative Framing: REPELS 

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