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How to Use Metacognition Skills to Become More Self-Aware

How to Use Metacognition Skills to Become More Self-Aware


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Metacognition: Knowing yourself

Metacognition is defined as "thinking about thinking" or "knowing about knowing." It is the process of knowing and understanding one's own thoughts, feelings, and memories.

When you are aware of your thoughts, feelings, and knowledge while they are happening, you can bring those tho...

Edward de Bono rightly states that “Only the human brain can deliberately change perceptions, change patterns, invent concepts and tolerate ambiguity.”

Learning about yourself is vital. You know what makes you happy or sad and what motivates you. Self-awareness is ...

Like any skill, you can improve how you think to make better and more rational decisions.

The first step to improve your metacognition is to realise what you know you know and what you know you don't know. That knowledge can reveal what you...

How metacognition can improve your life

  • You learn more quickly because you can identify the steps you need to complete a task.
  • If one approach does not work for you, you can adjust your learning strategies.
  • You can practice self-discipline by reflecting on your habits and practices and changing them.
  • You ca...

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