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What Is ‘Hot Boredom,’ and Do I Have It?

What Is ‘Hot Boredom,’ and Do I Have It?

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Can't Live A Minute Without A Distraction

Can't Live A Minute Without A Distraction

We've created so many distractions in our everyday environment - social media notifications, scrolling the web, socializing endlessly, shopping - that we feel like we might explode. Our hyperactive lifestyles and constant mind-chattering have forced us to develop an allergy to sitting in stillness.


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Hot Boredom Defined

Hot Boredom Defined

Hot boredom feels like being locked in a padded cell. You are bored, miserable and irritated.

Hot boredom is that internal groan when you’re in line at the DMV or stuck on the airport tarmac, and your phone dies and there’s not a book, magazine or any source of distraction within reach. At its worst, it can feel almost physically painful.


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Hot Boredom Is An Obstacle In Your Journey

Hot Boredom Is An Obstacle In Your Journey

  • Hot boredom is a common struggle people encounter when they first try to meditate.
  • A big part of getting past it is learning to sit with that discomfort, instead of fighting it.
  • Don't resist it because when we allow for hot boredom to exist, we give ourselves the possibility of transiting to the spaciousness of cool boredom.

In order to move beyond hot boredom, you have to feel it burn a bit first.


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Always appreciate the time you get, because you never know how much longer it`ll last.


Super boredom

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