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The Mindset of Success

Derin Ateş's Key Ideas from The Mindset of Success
by Jo Owen

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The Mindset Of Success

The Mindset Of Success

The best leaders all had something more than skills. They had an X-factor that set them apart from everyone else: you can spot such people at any level. This is the mindset difference. It is invisible key to success: once you have it, you have an advantage that lasts a lifetime and works for you time and again.


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The Mindset Revolution

The Mindset Revolution

Mindset is not about changing who you are. It is about becoming the best of who you are. The right mindset lets you focus on your natural strengths. It is not a simply new set of skills. It is a new way of thinking.


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High Aspirations

Focus on one or two must-win battles where you will secure your legacy and create a better future for yourself.


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Be brave enough to trust your team to deliver. Learn to step back and stop interfering; this is remarkably hard to do for leaders who spent their entire careers believing that success comes from delivery. At this level, success comes from getting others to deliver.


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You need to be persistent and focused, but you are past the need for deep resilience. Complaining about your intense travel schedule does not count if you travel first class around the world: you are showing off.


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You are now a role model, and you are under constant observation. Act the way you would want to be remembered, because people will remember you more for how you are and less for what you achieve.


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Define your role, knowing that less is more. What is it that you, and only you, can do? Everything else has to be delegated. As with courage, learn to let go.


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Very experienced leaders now report to you. They will resent being micro-managed. Instead, you have to forge a relationship which is about partnership, coaching and consulting.


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Your role has changed again, but there is no one to tell you what your role is or how to perform it. The rules of survival and success have not changed, because there are no rules, you have to make the rules yourself. Your challange is to make the right rules.


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Stay focused on your goal and do what it takes to get there. In practice, leaders below you will have to do most of the dirty work.


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