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Learn how to find your life purpose, enjoy life and live a long fulfilling life.



by Héctor García


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Ikigai is where your reason for living meets your life goal

Ikigai is the intersection between what you are passionate about, where your skills lie, how you can earn a living and what the world needs.

Everyone has an Ikigai that they were born to fulfill

Once you find it, wether as a job or a hobby, you should not give it up as Ikigai is also the key to longevity as people from Okinawa show. Indeed an active mind and low stress are the key to a long life. To keep your mind active engage in social life, go outside and do mind games. This will avoi...

Avoiding stress is key for Longevity

Reducing stress is the key to a long life, try practicing mindfulness, doing yoga or taking time to exercise. This will give you a chance to calm down and observe your body and mind more closely.

No Autopilot

“We have to learn how to turn off the autopilot that’s steering us in an endless loop.”

Morita Therapy

In Morita therapy, patients are asked to pay attention to and accept their feelings, without attempting to change them. From there, they take particular actions to create new emotions, which gradually replace the old ones.

  1. First there is a week of complete rest and disconnect from med...

Remain Young by immersing yourself in an activity

Flow is experienced when enjoyment and concentration are so deep they bloc out all other concerns – even time itself. Seeking out flow activities will increase your enjoyment of life and, therefore, your longevity. That’s why you should prioritize flow experiences over hedonistic ones like overea...

Friendships, gratefulness, early mornings and Garden vegetables

Enjoy and cultivate your friendships, chat with your neighbors, enjoy quiet pursuits in the early morning, enjoy what you have

Eat Small portions in all Colors of the rainbow

The Okinawan diet contains an incredible variety of foods ( up to 206 different foods on a regular basis, including herbs and spices. The base of the diet is grains, like rice or noodles, while seasonings like salt and sugar are used sparingly. They eat small portions until they are 80% full and ...

Movement is Crucial for a Long Life

You don’t need intense workout but movement throughout the day: walking, doing chores, tending to the garden and getting up five minutes for every 30 minutes you sit

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Here are some ideas from Japanese Philosophy Book Ikigai by Hector Gracia.



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Here are the 10 key things I learnt from the book Ikigai. Hope you find it helpful too!



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