The Overjustification Effect and why it can hurt your designs - Deepstash
The Overjustification Effect and why it can hurt your designs

The Overjustification Effect and why it can hurt your designs

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Over-justification Effect

Over-justification Effect

The Over Justification effect states that users might lose intrest or quit an activity when they have been rewarded for it.


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Example In the Real World

An example of this in the real world is when users redeem a loyalty rewards card, they lose motivation for the store or the business.


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Application In Design and Real World

Application In Design and Real World

You can utilize this effect in your designs by having a gamification system. Don't give users short term reward rather provide long term gains. For instance always provide a way to keep increasing and getting more rewards


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Human Psychology is very important in the world of UX Design. Use this human behavior knowledge to create better designs and impress your boss.

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