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A Guide to Cold Emailing

A Guide to Cold Emailing

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Tailor the message to the recipient

Tailor the message to the recipient


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Validate yourself

Knowing someone in common is the strongest form of social proof you can offer. If you have any direct connections, mention them. A mutual friend means you are no longer a stranger.

Lacking that, if you have any authority, credibility, or social status that is relevant to this person and your request, mention it quickly — a line or two should do it. The more “important” you are, the more likely you are to get a response.


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Alleviate your audience’s pain or give them something they want.

Alleviate your audience’s pain or give them something they want.

Remember that people will go much further to avoid pain than to acquire pleasure. If you’ve done your research and found a major pain point for the recipient, and you can offer relief, highlight that.

If you can’t solve a problem, give people something they want. Offer to connect them with someone they’d like to meet — that stands out, since almost no one gives before they ask. But your gift needs to feel appropriate, from one stranger to another.


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Keep it short, easy, and actionable.

Keep it short, easy, and actionable.

Short emails are more likely to be read than long ones. And emails that request clear, specific action get a much higher response rate. Long-winded, rambling cold emails suck.

One of the best ways to keep things short and direct is to write the way you’d talk. I would recommend reading your email out loud before you send it.


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Be appreciative — and a little vulnerable

Be appreciative — and a little vulnerable

By expressing gratitude and some vulnerability, you give them the feeling that they are a good person if they choose to help. You also give them a little rush of power and status, because you’re approaching them.


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Synergy, that's what working with others is all about.


An effective cold email does five things.

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