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15 Habits That Make You SMARTER Every Day
15 Habits That Make You SMARTER Every Day
15 Habits That Make You SMARTER Every Day


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15 Habits That Make You SMARTER Every Day

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Ask Questions

  • The person with most answers is considered smart,however it's not completely true .
  • The ability to ask complex questions and curiosity to find it's answer by critical thinking is the key to smartness .


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Read Across Genre

  • Reading across genre is one of the most frequent thing smart people do.
  • Actually its their curiosity that makes them do it and temperament towards learning .
  • We should learn from this and adapt cross genre reading.


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Hangout With Smart People

  • Smart people know whom to prioritise,so they value mutual companionship .
  • Time spent with smart people is never wasted as you always have something to learn .
  • We should take time & efforts to hangout with them as it's an opportunity to learn new things.


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Hi ,

I'm shafin , a 18 years old student posting content here on various genre ,make sure you stay ,if you like my work do share it with others .


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Take Time To Think

  • Smart people know the value of words ,so they think before speaking .
  • This makes their words more listenable & dominant because they make more sense .
  • It's always better to speak less than to speak/create blunders .


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Excercise Frequently

  • Smart people don't set unrealistic goals but they know what they want from workout.
  • They excercise frequently to maintain a good balance between physical & mental health as both are related to some points .
  • They do it for the dopamine hit & enjoy the process over results which takes time .


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Prioritise Eating Healthy

  • Eating healthy is essential for maintaining a good wellbeing
  • Smart people understand this and eat healthy food over junk.
  • Its their eating choices that makes them smart .


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Keeping a diary

  • Anoting things that matters is essential,& smart people understand this .
  • They keep a diary with them so that they can be more accountable to things related to them .
  • A diary makes things easy as everything is structured.


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Do Something New , Even It's Imperfect .

  • Smart people don't get bothered by what perception people will have about them/work.
  • They experiment and learn from them . They have a tendency to learn from their mistakes & experiences.


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Apply & Share Knowledge.

  • Smart people don't keep knowledge limited to reading ,they apply it and take benefits from them .
  • Once something works for them they share it with others who needs it ,via any resource


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Be Selective In What You Put Efforts In.

  • Smart people are super selective in terms of what they want from something.
  • They prioritise things that actually add value .
  • They avoid unnecessary efforts & say no to unrequired things.


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Take Short Break At Work

  • They understand the importance of work and its quality .
  • So smart people take rest breaks between work to feel refreshed & maintain certain quality.
  • Their criteria is qualitative work over quantitative.


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Learn How To Be Organised

  • Smart people stay organized as it becomes easy to stay accountable of things and events.
  • They take it as an initiative towards improving themselves.
  • This is how they avoid messy situation.


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Study Others Behaviours

  • Smart people deeply observe behaviours of people around them.
  • It's a criteria for them to select whom to focus on .
  • They stay with People with whom they are comfortable & avoid others humbly


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Be Actively Observant.

  • This is what makes them smart .
  • They observe everything & makes perception
  • However ,they are smart to make it flexible. This is what makes them super adaptive .


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Habits that makes you smarter ☺️


Wow these micro skills were very useful beyond belief

I am a big fan of learning here are 10 mistakes that most people make I was making about 5 of them 😅