To meet your goals, forget willpower and fill your toolbox | Psyche Ideas - Deepstash
To meet your goals, forget willpower and fill your toolbox | Psyche Ideas

To meet your goals, forget willpower and fill your toolbox | Psyche Ideas


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To meet your goals, forget willpower and fill your toolbox | Psyche Ideas

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Making Our Lives Better

Exercising more frequently. Spending less time on social media. Being kinder to your partner. Standing up for yourself at work.

Each of us has many personal changes that we would like to make that we know would make our lives better, and yet we often hold off, unsure of how to take the first steps. Or we try for a little bit but then give up as our regular routines take over. 


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Effective Change

Changing behaviours and habits are notoriously difficult! Yet sometimes we are able to make lasting changes and attain our goals – perhaps you have managed it too. So what’s the difference, how do we sometimes achieve successful change – and how can we increase our chances of success next time?

The trick lies both in the goals we set, and in how we pursue these goals in our daily lives.


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Goal Setting: Going Inside Your Mind

  • As you think about what to pursue, ask yourself what is personally important to you, and what you can do about it.
  • Deciding on a goal is the first step, and writing down or communicating the goal to others is a further step in solidifying your commitment to the goal.
  • If your goal feels daunting, break it down into smaller pieces.
  • Make those smaller goals specific, measurable and manageable – something you can realistically attain.
  • When thinking about your goals, also keep in mind the broader purpose or motivations behind them.


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Small Goals Are Equally Big

  • Goals do not need to be huge, life-altering changes.
  • Small new behaviours, such as speaking with a friend for 10 minutes a day, going for a walk three times a week or disconnecting from your device 30 minutes before bedtime, can bring a myriad of positive benefits.


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Achieve What You Want: Tips And Tricks

  • A popular belief that what is needed is willpower.
  • Studies show that when people report more effort at resisting temptation, they are less likely to give in.
  • Over the longer term, using more self-control or using it more frequently is unrelated to goal progress.
  • The main aim would be to reduce the strong desires in the first place.
  • Set up your surroundings so that temptations are less tempting.
  • Make a specific plan to replace negative behaviours with positive ones.
  • Bundle the new desired behaviour with something rewarding, such as watching your favourite TV show while you run on the treadmill.


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