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3 Steps to Negotiate Anything

3 Steps to Negotiate Anything


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3 Steps to Negotiate Anything

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Do Your Research

First understand the counterpart and then you'll get what inside their head.

From where they're coming from.

  1. How does the person like to be communicate with?
  2. What action can I take to make a yes easier for them?
  3. What's the person's dominant communication style?


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Ask Deeper Questions

As if you are adequately prepared, it's time to have the conversation. Don't just attack bluntly.

Spend time on being personable. Show your human side. Ask diagnostic questions, like "what are your thoughts about...?"

Open-ended questions helps you to dig deeper to find out more relevant information and perspectives of other person.

  1. Can you explain how you arrived at that solution?
  2. Can you walk me through your decision making process?
  3. How can we make this beneficial for both of us?


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Get Ready For Objections

"No" is an opportunity, not an ending.

Use the FEEL, FELT and FOUND formula:

FEEL: I understand why you might feel that way. Many others have felt the same way.

FELT: I understand where you are coming from. During points in my career I have felt the same way.

FOUND: What i have found is....


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