What is greenwashing: all you need to know in 2022 - Deepstash
What is greenwashing: all you need to know in 2022

What is greenwashing: all you need to know in 2022


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What is greenwashing: all you need to know in 2022

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Green products

Green products are seen on the Internet and in stores and go by multiple names, like eco-friendly, all-natural and organic, but these terms are not always meaningful. 

Most so-called "green" products are not as virtuous as we believe.  To ride the wave of sustainable development, some companies claim to be ethical and sustainable, while it is not.


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Greenwashing is a strategy to deceive consumers who are looking to buy ethical products. Even though a company claims that its products, its components or its practices are environmentally friendly, they are not. The only thing that they've changed is their marketing strategy.

The goal of greenwashing is only to make a profit. They are taking advantage of collective awareness linked to global warming.


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Examples of greenwashing

  • Image power. This strategy gives the impression that the product is eco-friendly by associating them with images related to ecology: nature, animals, etc. 
  • Misleading labels. Some brands develop their own "sustainable" label that has not been verified by a third party authorised to judge the quality of the products.
  • Irrelevant claims. Brands may claim their products do not contain this or that substance when it is legally prohibited and not used anyway.
  • Vague claims. Products which are stamped to be “environmentally friendly” is hard to confirm or deny.


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  • Give evidence. To cut off any hint of greenwashing, provide appropriate documentation and make it easily accessible.
  • Tell the truth. Not having any environmental or ethical certification doesn’t mean you have to hide your product. If you need to review the composition of your product, don't expect to be able to make all the desired changes overnight.
  • Carry out your carbon footprint assessment. Be transparent with consumers while adopting a constructive approach to your carbon footprint.


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