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How To Change The Way You See Your Past — And Reclaim Your Future

How To Change The Way You See Your Past — And Reclaim Your Future


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How To Change The Way You See Your Past — And Reclaim Your Future

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How To Change The Way You See Your Past — And Reclaim Your Future

Many things contribute to the way we define ourselves. Some we have no choice on, like where you’re born, while others we get to define, like an affiliation with a political party.

We tend to think of the events of our past as something in the “no choice” category. They happened and we can’t change how it’s affected us, right? But what if you can change the way your past impacts your identity?

From the foods we love to the situations that are uncomfortable, it’s all information we picked up through past experience.

Past experiences become the lens through which we view life and ourselves.


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Choose a New Perspective

Explore the negative impacts of a past experience. Start by asking yourself how an experience has made you see yourself. Maybe getting bullied on the playground made you feel different from other people. Maybe you have a hard time expressing yourself now, or maybe you identify as having low self-esteem. 

You can’t change the events of the past, but you can tell yourself a different story about it. A story where you’re the hero. Look for ways you have grown from the experience. How have you taken that negative period from your past and made it into a strength?


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You’re the hero of this story

Finding strengths you’ve picked up due to the past can sometimes feel a little like rewarding the person or people who created the negative situation — but it’s not. It’s not about appreciating the individual for their bad acts. It’s appreciating yourself for making lemonade out of the lemons you were handed.

You don’t have to feel grateful for people who have hurt you.

You get to feel strong for the ways you’ve improved, despite those bad actors.


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A change for the better

This is not about denial or changing the facts. It’s okay to recognize the feelings that come up when thinking about difficult past events.

At the same time, though, you can adopt a positive outlook about yourself as a result. This will encourage you to take on a new identity, one where you feel strong and confident. One where you see the skills you’ve learned and ways you’ve become a better version of yourself.

The very act of putting the spotlight on the positive ways you’ve turned the past around is an act of control. You’re in charge of how you see yourself.


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Finding the better story

The story we tell ourselves about who we are and how we are is a mindset. A mindset is a habitual perspective - a story we tell ourselves over and over. It is a way of seeing things.

The good news is, habits are changeable. It just takes a little commitment. Your perspective of your identity is the foundation of your self-esteem.

No matter how negatively a past experience has impacted you, the very fact that you’re still here makes you a survivor. Even if you struggle, your tenacity allows you to keep going. 


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Writing a new story of you

Here are some ways to uncover the positive elements of your story.

List a few of the most pivotal moments from your past.

Maybe you’re more compassionate and understanding toward others who are going through something similar. Perhaps, you’ve become more patient with people. You might be quick to make newcomers feel included because you grew up feeling shy. Or, maybe you’re a good listener because of something you’ve gone through.

How have these experiences helped you appreciate things?

Maybe you sought solace in nature or with animals and now you’re an animal lover or enjoy natural spaces.


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Past Difficulties

Remember, it doesn’t mean you need to feel glad for past difficulties, especially if you were victimized. You’re not telling the person or circumstances that what happened is okay. Instead, you’re choosing to view yourself as a strong, resilient survivor. You’re turning lemons into lemonade, not for them, but for yourself.


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Quote on the past

“The old you is only a shadow of the reality which is the new you. The shadow is useless without its reality.”

-Efrat Cybulkiewicz


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