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Why do you read 1000 things about change and never change?



Why do you read 1000 things about change and never change?
Everything you need to know about Why do you read 1000 things about change and never change?


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Knowing isn't doing

Knowing isn't doing

Learning about improvement is very easy, but actually improving is really hard.

Most any change that requires a lot of consistent mental effort is going to fail because you spend most of the day on autopilot. Research found that more than 40 percent of actions people take every day are not really decisions, but habits.


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Changing your context

Your context influences your decisions. If you make an effort to control your environment, you won't have to exert self-control.

If you don't have cookies in your house, you won't be able to eat cookies.


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The 20-second rule

Make the things you want to do take 20 seconds less time to start and let the things you want to keep away from take 20 seconds longer to get going.


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Peer pressure makes change possible

Surround yourself with people you want to emulate; this will make far less challenging to do the things you should be doing.

When you are around social groups where change seems possible, the potential for that change becomes greater.


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“If-then” plans

If-then planning is a way of deciding beforehand how you will respond to a situation.

Deciding in advance when and where you will take specific actions to reach your goal can make you more likely to succeed.


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Remove the mental effort to change happen

The best techniques to change something remove the mental effort and can easily be used in a routine you already have.

  1. Direct the rational mind by providing a clear direction. Resistance is often a lack of direction.
  2. Motivate the emotional mind. Knowing something isn't enough to make you change. Break the change into smaller pieces so it's less daunting.
  3. Shape the path. Tweak the environment. Build habits. When a behavior is habitual, it will not require so much effort.


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Charismatic leaders

Charismatic leaders

Charismatic leaders bring out our best and make us excel. Research shows that those following charismatic leaders perform better, find their work more meaningful, and have more trust in their l...

To master the art of personal magnetism

  • Speak slowly. Visualize the slow, emphatic tone of a judge delivering a verdict.
  • Pause. Those who show confidence often pause for a second or two between sentences.
  • Drop intonation. Lowering the tone of your voice at the end of a sentence sounds confident. You can even lower your intonation midsentence.
  • Check your breathing. Try not to breathe through your mouth as it can make you sound breathless and anxious. Instead, inhale and exhale through your nose.
  • Smile. Smiling projects more warmth in your voice. It's even worth doing when on the phone.

The high imagery speech

The use of imagery increases charisma.

Research shows that a high imagery speech resulted in higher ratings of charisma that a low imagery speech.

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Hating Ourselves

Hating Ourselves

"I hate myself" is a common self-talk. You really are your worst enemy, however painful this may feel.

Feelings of self-hatred and unworthiness are felt by a majority of people. E...

Effects of Self-Hatred

Self-hatred gives us negative thoughts, telling us we are unattractive, lack confidence, and are generally unworthy. If we listen to it, we give it power. We then create a negative shield around us and will have trouble accepting love and compassion.

The internal negative breeding will attract further negativity in our lives and relationships.

How To Stop Hating Yourself

  • Pay attention to your triggers by reflecting on your thoughts and actions, identifying your inner negative talk.
  • Question and challenge your negative thoughts, and detach from them.
  • Start saying positive affirmations to yourself to counter the negativity.
  • Reframe your negative thoughts by changing your point of view.
  • Spend time with positive people who fill you with joy.
  • Seek professional help as this may be a mental health issue.

Fixed Vs Growth Mindset

Fixed Vs Growth Mindset
  • A fixed or static mindset is a terrible disadvantage as life is a constant flux. Life’s challenges keep on coming and difficult situations and failure are all part of it. Be...

Different viewpoints

People who lose their jobs can either dust themselves up and move forward in their next amazing adventure, or can sulk at home and not get hired due to their negative mindset. In both cases, the situation is exactly the same, but the perspective makes all the difference.

Focus On The Good

We cannot let our mind, which has a limited bandwidth of focus and willpower in a day, get tangled in the unimportant and trivial.

A simple hack of taking your focus away from the bad things in life and being grateful for the good things can work wonders to your mind and your life experience. Always try to find the good even in the bad. Create a happiness journal which documents your good life.