12 ways to Active Recall in 12 minutes - Deepstash
12 ways to Active Recall in 12 minutes

12 ways to Active Recall in 12 minutes

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Before class - 1). Pre-test

Before class - 1). Pre-test

Before going to class, get a hold of some old papers or practice problems 

You're going to get most of these questions wrong and it's OK. That's actually a good thing because you benefit from the Hypercorrection effect: "When you thought you knew the answer, but getting it wrong actually makes it stick better"


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Before class - 2). Stop and recite

Before class - 2). Stop and recite

If you're reading a book, watching a video, after every section stop and try to recite in your own words what you just learned. 

Tip: Note the topics you find more difficult to remember 


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During class - 3). In class questions

During class - 3). In class questions

During class, you can turn each slide/material into a question

For topics: "What is" questions (What is addiction?)

For processes: "How" questions (How is ATP made?)

For concepts: "Why" questions (Why the human body is so complicated?)


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After class - 4). Immediate review

After class - 4). Immediate review

This is the best time to revise the questions you have written during class

It doesn't need to take too much time because you are not peeking at your notes, you're trying to recall straight from your memory.


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After class - 5). Mind maps

After class - 5). Mind maps

Grab a blank piece of paper, pick a topic and proceed to brain dump everything you know about that topic

You have to link the idea to something that's already on the page


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After class - 6). Teaching/Feynman Technique

After class - 6). Teaching/Feynman Technique

Make a study group or just simply teach out loud to yourself the concepts.

  • Pretend you're teaching to a child - forces you to use simple words
  • Pretend you're teaching to someone out of your field - forces you to not use jargon or abbreviations
  • Pretend you're teaching to someone very nosy - forces you to explain why


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Memorization - 7). Flashcards

Memorization - 7). Flashcards

Great for revising and for spaced repetition

Write a question on the front and the answer on the back

Tip: use digital flashcards like the apps Anki or REMnote


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Memorization - 8). Enumeration

Memorization - 8). Enumeration

Useful for processes and problem-based classes like math

Use mnemonics to help you with your enumeration. Use acronyms, associations, stories etc.


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Memorization - 9). Occlusion

Memorization - 9). Occlusion

Useful for recalling images, graphs etc.

Anki or REMnote comes in help because they let you drag a box over the pictures, answer it and then reveal the box. 

You can use it also for graphs, series of words etc.


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Memorization - 10). Problem sets

Memorization - 10). Problem sets

Use practice problems or exercises to help you understand and memorize the concept better

Understand why the wrong answers are wrong and why the right answers are right


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