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My first experience with meditation

My first experience with meditation

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The reason.

The reason.

I used to be someone very anxious and shy, even pandemic made my anxiety worse and dealing with connecting with people or friends was tough.

But then I met meditation and my perspective changed.


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My first thoughts.

I never tried meditation, yoga, breathing exercises.

I believed those things were complicated and required a lot of time. 

But meditation surprised me.


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Meditation is short?

Meditation is short?

I started meditation with the app Medito.

There were a lot of packs and the duration of each one could vary from 3 min to 20 min. 

I tried my first season of only 5 min to test me and it was incredible. The person talked to me in a soft voice that made me feel comfortable, even I could add sounds at the meditation.

And the best, the app is free!


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The perfect posture to meditate?

The perfect posture to meditate?

I know, we see a lot of people meditating in an alert position, straight back or siting; I thought that was required.

But no.

The app recommend me to shift positions, lay down, stay up, even walking! Or with open eyes, closed eyes. 

Meditation was possible in all the situations!


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Is praying to someone?

Is praying to someone?

And what about the topics? I thought I should recite mantras while praying. 

But I got very surprised because the main topic was about my life. My work, my love, my emotions.

I was the main character in this meditation, and there I understood something relevant.

I never had a time to reflect about my life. An entire and deep moment of only 5 min made me understand that I finally started knowing me.


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We are living in a complicated world. Time is an important resource and the majority of us worry by work or study.

But taking only 3 to 5 min for a session in the morning or before you at the bed will change your mind and bring happiness once more at your daily activities.


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Let's be grateful, spread knowledge, and enjoy our lives


Hello all! I just wrote about my experience about the first time I tried meditation and why I recommend you to do this. Hope you find this helpful! Cheers!

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