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How to Find and Practice Courage

How to Find and Practice Courage


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How to Find and Practice Courage

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Type T individuals

Nature definitely plays a role in determining who has courage. Research in neuroscience shows that some people have a thrill-seeking or “Type T” personality.

But even if some of us have a greater capacity for risk-taking (genetically speaking), it doesn’t mean that they will necessarily display more courage.


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Non-biological aspect such as our psychological makeup, values, and beliefs, along with conditioning by early role models, can compel us to act at risk to ourselves in the interest of protecting other people.


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Research links our capacity to act courageously (or the opposite) to measurable and controllable personal traits such as self-efficacy, self-esteem, the presence of anxiety, and the openness to experience. All these characteristics can be developed and shaped with practice and help.

Of course, the environment and context in which you are operating will also have a big influence.


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  • Create plots: imagine both the worst that could happen if you take a certain action and what the outcome would be if you didn’t act.
  • Recognize the negativity bias: we are prone to attend more to negative than to positive outcomes.
  • Open up about your self-doubt and face your vulnerabilities.
  • Practice going out of your comfort zone.
  • Make sure you take the time to eat well, exercise and sleep. Fear is physically draining.


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