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How to Deal With Burnout When You Can't Take a Vacation

How to Deal With Burnout When You Can't Take a Vacation

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How To Recover From Burnout: Check Your Work Options

How To Recover From Burnout: Check Your Work Options

  • You should start by finding out what accommodations your work can give you. You may be eligible for paid leave, adjusted duties, or similar.
  • Your boss should be on your side. They want you to be as productive as possible. So, explain how burnout is hurting your output and work together to find solutions.
  • At the least, you might be able to adjust your schedule. Try getting the same number of hours, but at times of day that make it easier to rest between shifts.
  • Your workplace might also have counseling or health resources that you can use. You won't know if you don't ask.


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Reduce Your Workload at Home

Reduce Your Workload at Home

You may not be able to take a full vacation, but you can still free up rest time in other areas. It's as simple as asking for help. Consider whether you need mental or physical rest, and make your requests accordingly.

  • One easy way your family and housemates can help with is housework. For instance, you could ask to cook dinner less often. You could also offer to take on a physical task like mopping the floors instead of a more mental one like creating the grocery list.
  • Another big relief your friends can offer is understanding. Explain that you need more space to rest. Then, cancel your unnecessary appointments. You can also ask to excuse yourself from recurring commitments for the time being.


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How To Recover From Burnout: Automate Your Tasks

How To Recover From Burnout: Automate Your Tasks

It's easy to automate your everyday tasks, even if you don't know any code. But automation just means making repetitive tasks happen without your input.

  • You can automate almost anything. For instance, you can sort and schedule emails automatically. Smart devices and virtual assistants open up your options even more.
  • The specifics of the automation depend on the program and the task. Think about the small tasks that eat your time, like searching for files. Then, search for ways to automate these processes.


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Get Control Over Your Stress

Get Control Over Your Stress

Burnout is partly defined by a feeling of being overwhelmed. To defeat and recover from it, you have to get control.

  • To start, arm yourself with some apps to help you recover from burnout. These apps help you control your sleep, diet, and more. They work best if backed by an action plan.
  • When you make your plan, you must start by believing that it is possible to catch up. Once you've done that, write down all your tasks and responsibilities. Then, remove all non-essential items. Delegate as much as you can from what's left.
  • Last, take your finalized list of tasks and break them into steps. Then schedule a time to work on each one. You may need to request deadline extensions or cancel less-important tasks. Remember that burnout makes you slower.

Now that you have a plan, you have a way forward.


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How To Recover From Burnout: Maximize Your Free Time

How To Recover From Burnout: Maximize Your Free Time

It's important not to keep working after you clock out. If you don't work on a clock, start defining your work hours. Otherwise, work stresses begin to invade your rest time, making it not restful at all.

You should also consider your downtime activities. It's tempting to start up a TV show or game and distract yourself from the stress. But distraction is temporary. When you close the software, the stress returns. These distractions can make your burnout worse, too.

The desire for escapism can cause you to ignore your need for food, water, or a change in posture. Always start your breaks by reflecting on your body's needs and how you can meet them.


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Address Your Mental Health Needs

Address Your Mental Health Needs

Burnout is as much a mental health problem as a physical one. Even taking a vacation won't fix the burnout if you don't take time to process your stress.

  • If you can't access a therapist, use an app. You can learn to stop intrusive or spiraling thoughts, calm physical symptoms, and more.
  • Journaling can be an excellent way to explore these feelings. The journal is a safe, private space to let your thoughts out. Once you see them on the page, you can better understand and process them.
  • Taking a few minutes each day to meditate is also a good idea. You can just sit or lie still wherever you are and focus your thoughts. 


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Use Your Social Network

Use Your Social Network

Too much time on social media can increase your burnout. But social connection can help you heal from it. The key is to connect with people directly instead of through a news feed or dashboard.

Check in with your friends and loved ones. Take time to hear what's going on in their lives. This can help prevent the isolated feelings that come with burnout. And, of course, get a listening ear for your own struggles, as well.

But, keep in mind that your friends are not a substitute for therapy. Everyone needs to vent sometimes, but be sure you are also taking steps to process your feelings. Work to find healthy ways to cope.


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Eating well and sleeping well, seem like two good goals.


How to recover from burnout by thinking about it as a big pile of clutter: every day, you clear a little more of it away. With patience, strategy, and time, you can get rid of it all.

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