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Habits That Will Leave You Emotionally Exhausted

Habits That Will Leave You Emotionally Exhausted


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Habits That Will Leave You Emotionally Exhausted

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Emotional weight

There are certain foods that, when we eat too much of it, will bring health consequences. Similar to how eating certain foods can affect our physical wellness, thinking in specific ways can also have long-term effects on our emotional wellness. We could gain emotional weight, and it can become as tough to lose as body weight.

Emotional weight could consist of a mix of worry, stress, and disappointments. It can restrict our physical activity and make it difficult to feel joy and appreciation, to be open and accessible, and be motivated and engaged. Some common practices can add to our emotional weight and hurt our emotional wellness.


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Expectations are our idea of how we think the world should look. This may involve how we should feel, what we should have achieved, and how other people should be treating us.

We could set up expectations that are too high based on arbitrary rules and then become frustrated when we can't meet it.A good rule of thumb is if we are not working diligently toward something, or there is no proof for what we expect, then it may be unrealistic.


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There are advantages to social comparisons, like ensuring that we are reaching certain developmental milestones. But unfair comparisons can cause you to feel inadequate and incompetent.

Online social networks provide a platform for social comparisons. It is important to question the purpose of this kind of contrast. How will comparing yourself to others affect you?

To avoid undervaluing your well-being, make social comparisons that are purposeful and fair.


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Some of us are prone to take on more responsibilities than we can handle. We sign up for more at work, volunteer, and fill our schedules with more activities. We overcommit.

Taking on more responsibilities reduces the chance that any job will get done really well. Not taking on all the opportunities that you encounter may drive you to the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Focus on finding a balance between doing too much and doing too little. It may take time to find a balance, but it will offset the emotional weight added by the stress of doing too much.


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