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How To Control Your Attention When You’re Feeling Anxious

How To Control Your Attention When You’re Feeling Anxious


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Controlling Attention When Anxious

2020 is rocky, with a health crisis, an economic crisis, and a social crisis all at the same time. This, coupled with our already complex lives has made us anxious and unable to deal with the information overload.

Controlling our attention is the key to get over this type of anxiety, where...

According to Darren Hardy, author of The Power Of Compounding, our consumption of content the whole day (fear-inducing and fear-based news) hypnotises us negatively and impacts our output. What is put in us is what goes out of us.

Do not rely on only mainstream organizations and t...

Doing the right thing, no matter how unpopular, shows your commitment towards what really matters.

Moreover, it is a human flaw to pay more attention to what people are saying, rather than what is being done. Action speaks louder than hollow words.

As simple as it seems, being genuinely nice to others helps reduce anxiety.

Our attention gets divided and clouded when we are pissed off, attracting further negative emotions out of nowhere. Avoid that attraction by being nice to others.

We need to get a grip on ourselves.

The occasional binging on Netflix, or the cheat meal, does not hurt, but it would if it is done regularly. One misstep, if it starts snowballing into several missteps, would make us lose our momentum, and it takes a lot of energy and focus to rebuild th...

Managing your attention may be the most important thing you do. Through your attention, you control your mind and through that, your entire life. It starts with managing your mind’s input, where you can be a gatekeeper.

You are in control of your mind, the most important tool at yo...

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