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Avoid These 8 Productivity Myths

Avoid These 8 Productivity Myths



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Investigating procrastination

If you are putting something off, consider why. Often it's not the task you're avoiding but a larger issue, such as a fear of failure or a lack of concrete direction.

Ask yourself what you need to make getting things done easier. And if your delays stem from a larger issue with your ...

Doing the "busy work" first

Scientists say doing hard work first ensures you tackle challenges when you’re at your most creative and prepared. Jump right into the biggest priority on your list and when you're ready to take a break, switch gears to the lower-impact tasks.

Thriving under pressure

Working in crisis mode can make you less creative, since you’re less likely to collaborate and seek out new perspectives and find the best idea. You’re more likely to rely on hierarchy and produce average work, not breakthroughs.

Having too much to do

People often add overly ambitious plans that seem daunting and set them up for failure, but a manageable plan makes us less likely to procrastinate. Drop off or delegate what you can, reevaluate what you’re expected to do and start asking for help. 

Practice doesn't always make perfect

Only the right type of practice will lead to improvement. Re-examine your tasks if they help you to move the needle or meet important benchmarks, and if they do, think how you can improve them.

Multi-tasking and efficiency

Multitasking adds stress and draws out the time needed to complete individual items on your to-do list. Instead, finish one task at a time.

Prioritize and concentrate on what’s most important first. Working your way through the list will motivate you and give you a sense of accomplis...

Powering through

Studies indicate that short breaks can lead to 16% boosts in focus. Better to work for 90 minutes at a time with short breaks in between.

Stepping back to clear your head, even if it's just for a quick walk around your office, can jumpstart your brain and leave you feeling ref...

To-do lists

Properly set to-do lists can keep you organized and help you commit to a task. Studies indicate that setting strict parameters and deadlines while measuring progress can keep you accountable, encouraged and on track.

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