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How Identity—Not Ignorance—Leads to Science Denial

How Identity—Not Ignorance—Leads to Science Denial


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The role of identity in denial

Some psychologists state that the denial of facts is frequently based on identity and belonging, not on ignorance and. If this is the case, changing minds would require more than proper reasoning.

The persons that denies scientific facts is most likely trying to confirm an...

Denial refers to the rejection or diminution of a phenomenon that has a large and even overwhelming body of supporting evidence.

Cognitive dissonance is a negative, tensed emotional state that is caused by holding beliefs or behaviors that are inconsistent with one another.

Because cognitive dissonance brings discomfort, we try to escape it. There are 2 options to get rid of it: to change a ...

  • Changing a behavior is in most cases hard because most behaviors are rewarding.
  • Changing a belief is often easierand that’s why some elements of denial appear: this could mean trivializing the source of the disson...

This refers to the negative feelings that people experience when they feel their freedom is threatened in some way (for example, the government stating that they can’t shop, travel, or meet in large gathering as normal.)

If people find a belief or idea to be alar...

It states that people have 3 main psychological needs that support their motivation to engage in any behavior.

  1. The need for autonomy, or the belief that an action came from the self.
  2. The need for competence. Its important fo...

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The minute we make any decision, we begin to justify the wisdom of our choice and find reasons to dismiss the alternative. Before long, any ambivalence we might have felt at the time of the original decision will have morphed into certainty. Cognitive dissonance explains why, when the facts clash with our preexisting convictions, some of us would sooner jeopardize our lives and everyone else’s than admit to being wrong.



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