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Food and Emotion

Food and Emotion


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Emotions And Food

People have a relationship with food which is often based on their emotional state of mind.

  • Lonely people who crave for human affection and understanding often end up consuming more food.
  • People having feelings like shame or guilt often restrict their food c...

Many people are in a state of emotional distress due to a situation like boredom, frustration, or being overwhelmed.

Food seems soothing to them in this state of dissociation, causing them to eat mindlessly, something called ‘stress eating’. This is a way to mentally escape or det...

Food is a temporary and suboptimal substitute for any emotional requirement. To break this pattern, one can try to express their emotional problems to an empathetic person from one’s inner circle of friends and loved ones.

Emotional pain can be corrected if it is expresse...

People who lack an empathic person in their lives can remedy their emotional pain by:

  1. Rescuing/adopting a dog, which provides great emotional support.
  2. Talking to a good therapist who is able to listen with an open heart.
  3. Bei...

A simple awareness that how our emotions are altering our food intake can help free ourselves from the impulse to seek food for our emotional comfort.

One’s unconscious guilt or shame may be based on childhood trauma or emotional abuse in the past. Exposing this feeling ca...

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