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Turn Off Notifications

Turn Off Notifications

Email tends to come in all the time and can create distractions and disruptions to your schedule. 

Turn off new message notifications on both your computer and smartphone to prevent constant distractions. Check for mail when it's convenient for you.


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How to Use Your Inbox

There are many different philosophies when it comes to managing your email inbox. 

You can use your inbox as a catchall, limit it to only high-priority messages, or make it a working task list. Choose one purpose for your inbox and stick with it.


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Make lists of safe addresses

Create an email whitelist to ensure those messages get through, and a blacklist for what you consider spam addresses.

Update these lists frequently to keep your incoming email clean.


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Timer and Batch Process

You may benefit from having pockets of time in your day just for email. Set aside a specific amount of time during the day to: 

  • respond to messages 
  • move action items to your task list
  • delete junk 
  • get an at-a-glance idea of what needs your attention next.


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Automate the Process

To streamline the email management process further, use rules in your email client that sort, flag, move and organize your messages. 

It will take some time to create rules that support the way you use email, but once this system is in place, you can cut down on a significant part of your email processing time.


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Use Your Smartphone

Checking email on your mobile device can save a significant amount of time, even if you just make it a habit to delete junk and messages you don't need to save.


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If you have not read a particular recurring mailing in several issues, stop your subscription. 

Reduce the bulk in your inbox by limiting email newsletters and other automated messages to only those you regularly read.


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