Cursing can be good for your health - here's when to let that four-letter word slip - Deepstash
Cursing can be good for your health - here's when to let that four-letter word slip

Cursing can be good for your health - here's when to let that four-letter word slip

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Pain management

Pain management

A study done at Keele University in the U.K. measured the effects swearing had on pain tolerance. They found that we can withstand more pain when using profanity.

Swearing triggers the fight or flight response, which then gives us that burst of energy to make it through the difficult or painful task.


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It improves your workout

One study found that participants who swore saw a 2 to 4 percent increase in performance and an 8 percent boost in strength compared to those who kept their mouths shut.

Cursing diverts your attention, which makes you work harder than if you were only focusing on how tough the workout is.


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It releases stress

It releases stress

When we complain or vent without cursing, we are keeping ourselves in check and don't totally release all feelings.

Cursing can be an effective emotional release. Our whole body and all emotions are connected with no filter.


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You express yourself better

In one study, researchers found that the more curse words a participant was able to generate, the more expansive a vocabulary they had.


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You appear more authentic

Swearing is such a raw form of expression. 

A recent study found that profanity is correlated with genuine feelings and emotions in social interactions. It indicated that those who curse may also be more likely to be truthful.


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