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Self-education: how to leverage the end of credentialism - Ness Labs

Self-education: how to leverage the end of credentialism - Ness Labs

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Self-Education: The Way Of The Future

Self-Education: The Way Of The Future

Self-learning (also known as autodidacticism) is useful for certification (and fine-tuning) of your existing skills, to be able to learn continuously, and for the cultivation of your curiosity.

It’s essential to move out of the comfort zone and dive into the learning zone.


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The Learning Loop

The Learning Loop

Self-learning is about goals and the meaning you derive out of your work, though it can also work without a goal, only for self-satisfaction.

The Learning Loop is as follows:

  1. Identification of the goal, where we research about what are the requirements.
  2. Devising a learning strategy.
  3. Practice with consistency and resilience.
  4. Ensure you get adequate feedback about your progress.


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Mindframing For Self-Education

Mind Framing or the personal growth framework uses the PARI method:

  1. Pact: A public commitment to learning something new.
  2. Act: Studying, practicing and experimenting.
  3. React: Sharing of progress and building of projects.
  4. Impact: Work towards something new using the acquired skill and move towards a new pact.


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Stepping Away From Credentialism

The world is already moving towards direct acquisition of skills and away from credentials. Companies are increasingly okay with self-learned, skilled employees that get the job done.

Many online resources like Coursera,, Udemy and others can open new doors in our lives and provide us with new skills if we can take the plunge.


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Never give up. Always find a reason to keep trying.

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