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How to Prime Your Mind for Greatness | Time

How to Prime Your Mind for Greatness | Time

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Read great books

Read great books

Books are a great way to inspire your mind and turn ideas into strategies and realities.


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Find inspiring people

You can draw a lot from great minds. Inspire yourself from the work of inspiring people. Learn to stand on the shoulders of giants.


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Great quotes

Great quotes

Quotes are a fantastic way to trade mediocre thoughts with more empowering mantras.

Find quotes related to life, motivation, inspiration, happiness and more.


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Amazing stories

Amazing stories

Satiate your mind with success stories of ordinary people.

Watch Stan Lee’s Superhumans to really stretch your imagination, for example.


2.86K reads

Vision board

Vision board

What do you want to spend more time doing? Who do you want to spend more time with? What new things do you want to learn?

Use prompts like these to imagine what your future could look like. Find suitable pictures and create a collage of your ideal life.


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Collecting ideas that inspired me. Hope to inspire u 2.

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