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8 Things Really Great Problem Solvers Do

8 Things Really Great Problem Solvers Do

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Remain objective

Great problem solvers approach each new problem as though it were brand new. 

That way they can apply a specific solution to the problem instead of a fix that may go only partway.


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List the obstacles

Great problem solvers take a high-level view of the issues involved and jot down a list of all the potential factors that could get in the way of a solution. 


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Identify the opportunity

So many times great opportunities are wrapped up inside simple problems.

The problem at hand may be symptomatic of bigger problems with your systems or perhaps your industry.


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Break down silos

Great problem solvers are also great facilitators. 

They use their communication skills to help others share information so all bases are covered.


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Translate research into action

Data and precedent are important but at some point, you just have to take action.

Get enough research to understand the issues and then engage your creativity to find new ways to better solve old issues.


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Reverse engineer

Great problem solvers have the vision to picture the ideal working scenario and then construct the methodology that will achieve the desired effect.


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Engage open-minded people

Great problem solvers know the best results come from groups of open-minded people.

Your problem-solving team must be willing to get outside of the box and uncomfortable.


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Leave your ego aside

Often great solutions to problems are ignored because a leader wants the solution to be his or her idea.


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"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein

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