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How Successful People Write Emails To Get What They Want (That'll Help You Achieve Your Goals)

How Successful People Write Emails To Get What They Want (That'll Help You Achieve Your Goals)


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Writing Effective Emails

Successful people write emails that help achieve the objective while not wasting a single moment of the recipient.

The communication tool only works when your words are worthwhile, accurate and touch the right points effectively.

Topical Personalisation

If you have seen the person do something like make a speech or win an award, a brief mention or congratulation gives a personified touch to your email, increasing the effectiveness of the task or inquiry.

Share your News

If there is something new or worthwhile happening in your life, like an incoming trip, or an article you wrote, you could update to the recipient. If they happen to have an opportunity, the news you share helps them recall you better.

Be aware of Current Happenings

Email communication can be spruced up with something topical regarding current news in the recipients' region, to create an emotional connection and bridge the electronic gap.

The Five Ws

  • In an email which has an event or plan, we need to give sufficient and concise information.
  • Answer the five Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why, as applicable.
  • This reduces the clutter of back and forth emails, and you respect the time of the recipient.

Don't Start with "I"

"When you start with the word “I,” it sends a message that you are more important than the person that you’re communicating with,” 

Jonathan Tisch

CEO - Loews Hotels

Attach the Document

Check for the attachment that you mentioned in the email.

Stick to Facts

Do not exaggerate or say things that are not true. You can simply ask for clarification, without stating anything fictitious.

The Tone

  • Often we misrepresent ourselves with an unintended tone.
  • Reread your email for tonal accuracy and politeness.
  • Don't use the word 'you' too much.

Please Excuse Typos

  • Spell Check and proofread your email for common typing errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Don't say 'Please ignore/excuse Typos' as it only sends the message that you don't care.

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