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Smart People Compose Emails at Work Using These 7 Phrases

Smart People Compose Emails at Work Using These 7 Phrases


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How to write impactful emails

If you are tired of getting your email lost in other people’s inboxes and looking to use alternative correspondence, this article is for you.

  • perfect formal phrase, a classic
  • genuine & comes from the heart
  • says thank you
  • a beginning line

  • top performers ask for advice rather than feedback
  • flatters & butters up the person you're emailing
  • but polite & respectful too
  • helps improve your performance

  • a phrase that congratulates or signifies your appreciation for their personal activity
  • great way to win the favour of the recipient
  • an excellent way to deepen a relationship
  • helps you grow relationships with your colleagues

  • use when you haven’t seen someone in a while and hope to continue to grow the relationship
  • add details to this phrase on why it was great to see them
  • don’t assume that the other person remembers seeing you
  • helps you connect with colleagues you have lost touch with

  • you see something that reminds you of someone in a positive way, you should send that energy out into the world and share those thoughts with the other person
  • don't be afraid to share what you are thinking
  • it works because you make work more personal and less formal
  • e...

  • a twist on the “I hope you had a good weekend.”
  • goes into your curiosity about how their day is going
  • better than, “how are you?”

  • works when you are emailing the other person, and they responded within 24 hours
  • thanking the other person that they made you a priority should not go unnoticed
  • if your colleagues work/live in a different time zone, this shows how grateful you are for their time and input

Ensure your emails get read and you become known as a good person with good email correspondence etiquette. Intelligent people have mastered phrases that make sure their emails are returned.

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