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Control what you can to avoid feeling overwhelmed

Control what you can to avoid feeling overwhelmed

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What we can control

What we can control

It's easy to feel helpless when things are outside of our control.

This begs the question of what we do have the ability to control and change. Changing a few small things can together have a positive impact on our productivity and general well-being.


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"Unschedule" yourself

Instead of filling your schedule with work, then allowing yourself to have fun with what is left, reverse it. Flip your relation to work by scheduling play first. Maximize that time with 30-minutes of deep-focused, distraction-free work.

Scheduling breaks first helps you to notice that there are only so many hours in the workday. You will focus more and get more done, knowing that you'll soon reach a scheduled break to recharge.


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Put up boundaries between home and work

Remote workers should try to walk around the block before starting work. It is an effective way to transition from home mode to work mode.

Other ways to set up boundaries between work and life is not to take your work into the bedroom, buying a personal PC for personal errands/work, and by creating hard stops at a specific time every day.


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Find your tech-free mindfulness moments

Mindfulness is the capacity to be aware of what is going on.

When you are doing tasks, try to pay attention to the task. For example, while doing dishes or laundry, ditch the headphones and instead observe things like the temperature of the water, or the smell of the soap. Even just a few seconds of mindfulness can help you feel relaxed.


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