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10 Happiness Practices From Around the World | SUCCESS

10 Happiness Practices From Around the World | SUCCESS

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Japan: ‘shrinrin-yoku’

Japan: ‘shrinrin-yoku’

Shrinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, was developed in the 1980s as a way to respond to the stresses of urban living.

It is all about getting out into nature. It can reduce your stress and boost your immune system.


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Hawaii: ‘Ho‘oponopono’

Hawaii: ‘Ho‘oponopono’

It is a mantra used to make changes on the inside.

Instead of harboring resentment toward others, take a deep breath and understand your feelings before discussing them with someone who has done you harm.


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Norway: ‘friluftsliv’

Norway: ‘friluftsliv’

"Friluftsliv" means 'free air life' and refers to spending time in nature and reconnecting with the earth.


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Germany: ‘gemütlichkeit’

Germany: ‘gemütlichkeit’

"Gemütlichkeit" is a German philosophy of celebrating the company of each other with a song, dance, beer or just a sense of gratitude.


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Spain: ‘siesta’

Spain: ‘siesta’

The famous Spanish afternoon nap can reboot your mind, cheer you up and also make you productive.

Make time for a 20-minute nap after lunch to enjoy the benefits.


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France: ‘aperitif’

France: ‘aperitif’

The French evening drink is a ritual to slow you down and transition from work to relaxation.


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Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil: ‘mate’

Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil: ‘mate’

"Mate" is a herbal tea made from the leaves of the yerba mate plant.

It has been credited for its health and soul benefits and best taken with friends.


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Turkey: ‘keyif’

Turkey: ‘keyif’

Keyif is about the art of quiet relaxation by yourself and living in the moment.


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Bosnia & Herzegovina: ‘kafa’

Bosnia & Herzegovina: ‘kafa’

There is nothing like enjoying a Bosnian coffee with friends to engage in conversation. Kafa is cooked in a ‘džezva’ pot and enjoyed with a sugar cube or a ‘rahat lokum’ candy.


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Nigeria: ‘ubuntu’

Nigeria: ‘ubuntu’

Ubuntu is showing humanity towards others. It's about prioritizing the community above the needs of the individual.


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