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Why Whole Wheat Is Better Than White

Why Whole Wheat Is Better Than White

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Multigrain is not wholegrain

The term "multigrain" is often used to imply wholesomeness, but the term is lacking. Containing the flour of multiple grains does not mean containing the flour of whole grains.

Wholegrain flour is when millers leave the grain intact before milling. It contains fiber that the pancreas and microbes demand for optimal performance.


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Carbohydrates in a healthy diet

Some people believe that all carbohydrates are bad. Others promote a very low carbohydrate diet.

However, an expansive analysis indicates that eating at least three servings of whole grains per day is associated with a lower risk of death from cancers, heart disease, and stroke.


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Whole grains or milled grains

Scientists speculate that when the whole grain is milled and becomes whole-wheat flour, the digestion and absorption process is still fast and can induce higher insulin responses.

Theoretically, milled grains are less beneficial than whole grains that are not processed.


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The absorption of starches

According to Harvard's website, the glycemic index of white bread and whole wheat bread is the same. The glycemic index depends mostly on the particle size of the food. When whole grains are milled, the particles are similar in size to those of white flour.

Thicker penne have a lower glycemic index than thinner penne. Pasta left al dente also has lower indices than pasta left to mush.


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What makes nutrition confusing

The amount of fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals are just as important as the glycemic index.

What makes nutrition confusing is the news cycle and fad diet books warning against gluten and carbs, and the marketing of meaningless things like multigrain bread. The science, however, is not confusing.


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