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How To Make Friends As An Adult

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How To Make Friends As An Adult

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Handling A Bad Mood

Handling A Bad Mood

  • It is normal to experience a bad mood occasionally, when feelings of anger, frustration, anxiousness, or being let down take control over our normal behaviour.
  • Emotional short cuts, hacks and quick fixes are limited and temporary in their effectiveness, and it is better to practice acceptance and self-compassion, along with a willingness to go through the feelings.
  • The 3 Ms of handling bad moods are:: Move, Make and Meet.


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Ways to Cure A Bad Mood: Move

Physical activity and exercise can get rid of lethargy and irritability, and help with serious issues like chronic anxiety and depression.

What’s really great is that you don’t need an hour to improve your mood. Even a stroll in the park or a few pushups can dispel your grogginess, boosting positive feelings in your brain.


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Curing A Bad Mood: Make

Creating something beautiful is a great way to boost your mood. We all are makers and creators, and making stuff is a powerful way to feel good.

Cooking food, fixing something, decluttering your desk, or painting bottles can help pep you up.


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Meet: Bad Moods And Human Connections

On a basic level, human beings are born to connect. We can form complex relationships to build, coordinate, and take advantage of interpersonal connections.

Individualism and independence have led to isolation, which results in amplifying our suffering. Connecting with others in any way possible can help boost our mood.


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