This article is scientifically proven to improve your willpower - Deepstash
This article is scientifically proven to improve your willpower

This article is scientifically proven to improve your willpower


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This article is scientifically proven to improve your willpower

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Willpower Depletion

It is the idea that we place our willpower under much strain and as we put in much more effort into anything, the more it gets drained.

The consequence of this is that the more it gets drained, the less self-control we have in order to resist temptations. However, many studies are contending this idea and supports the concept that willpower is not a finite commodity that depletes over time, it is something we can control.


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Roy Baumeister

Self-control is a huge predictor of success or failure in life.


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  • Numerous studies have been performed by various researchers to indicate how real willpower depletion is and if it is even real at all.
  • Even with the contention of its existence, some areas of research are showing promising studies that we can exert control over our willpower through workouts or rituals.
  • It showed that even small, regular tests of willpower can give your self-control a lift. Willpower workouts don’t have to be especially taxing to have an effect.


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5 Hacks To Supercharge Your Willpower

  1. Keep your sweets, don't throw them out.
  2. Drink a sugary drink.
  3. Avoid multiple resolutions.
  4. Control your environment.
  5. Use mindfulness and meditation.


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  • The most famous willpower experiment was the Marshmallow Test (on delayed gratification) that was developed by Prof Walter Mischel in the 1960s.
  • His results showed that those who managed to hold out were doing much better, had higher test scores, and lower BMIs.
  • This was contested by Prof Greg Duncan who in his experiment showed in his results that although the kids did better, but to a much smaller degree than the original research.
  • They also took account of the children's family background as a factor.


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Reverse Ego Depletion

  • Many of the willpower depletion studies have been Western-centric.
  • An intriguing take to the willpower depletion was from the studies from Asia where they believe that willpower should be seen as energizing not draining, because it that is our perception of it, then it will be.
  • Many Indian practices, such as meditation and concentration, emphasise the idea that people can exert willpower over extended periods and that it has a positive rather than a negative effect.


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