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How to Handle the Beast

How to Handle the Beast

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The Beast in our lives

The Beast in our lives

The Beast has many forms. The Doom-Anxiety Beast. The Regret Beast, or the Despair Beast.

The Beast has specific characteristics. It erodes your feeling of control and eats away at your ability to function when you least expect it. But it can never entirely take away that last bit of agency. This bit of agency can be used to control the Beast.


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Assume your full height

The Beast can't stop you from standing up straight - physically. It may want you to lower your head and shoulders. But an upright posture symbolizes resilience in the face of suffering.

Be your full height. Do it again and again.


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Remember that the Beast is survivable

The Beast's presence makes you feel like you can't possibly live until it is gone.

However, history proves this is false. Human beings have lived with Beasts forever, often for years. Life still happens during that time. Choices are still made, and good things are still achieved.


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Small acts of defiance

When you feel the Beast is pulling at you, do something that will improve your situation even is small ways. Straighten a crooked picture or picking up the laundry off the floor.

The point is to exercise the small bit of agency you do have. One little act of defiance shows that you will not be clamped down. Do anything to weaken the Beast.


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Lift things and clean

Physical exertion and cleaning is a superpower to overcome the Beast. A little of either can change the course of your day.

Do a movement routine to weaken the Beast. Get the house to a tidyish state - a single room if you can't. Keep it that way as best as you're able.


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Talk to people who know the Beast

It is a great relief to describe your experience to someone.

The goal is not to solve your problem. The goal is to break the illusion that something unique has gone wrong for you.


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