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5 Questions to Consider When Drowning In Disappointment

5 Questions to Consider When Drowning In Disappointment



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We can ask ourselves five questions when faced with disappointment, that will help us to cope better with it:

  1. Why am I disappointed?
  2. What could I have done to prevent it?
  3. How will I perceive this disappointment in five years?
  4. When I look back after five yea...

Why am I disappointed?
It can be difficult to explain why you are disappointed, but asking the right question about the reason gets you towards the root of the problem. This is the first step in effectively fighting against it.

Could I have done anything to prevent it?
We can feel regret along with disappointment, but we have to realize that every circumstance is not in our control. In most cases, we don't control much, and even if we do, the pain can be a catalyst in our growth.

How will I see this in five years?
See your disappoint from time's perspective, and see the big picture, asking yourself if all this will matter in a few years time or not. Sometimes setbacks are good for us in the long run.

When I look back after five years, will this setback have made me worse off?
Pain may actually be a good thing, and should not to be avoided, but endured. It gives us insight towards the direction of our problems and turns out to be the foundation of our strength, growth and success.

What can I learn from this?
Our pain and disappointments come with useful lessons of life, becoming a catalyst for our transformation into a mature and wise person.

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