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Work From Home: Vitamin's Playbook — Vitamin Software

Work From Home: Vitamin's Playbook — Vitamin Software

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Tips On Working From Home

  • Choose a place in your home or a corner that can be a make-shift office, preferably not around the living or lobby area where other people can potentially interrupt.
  • Take regular breaks and drink plenty of water.
  • Remember that productive work can be fragmented at home due to temptations and disruptions/distractions.
  • It is important to be supportive and share plans and vulnerable communication.
  • Ensure all legalities are in place for teleworking.


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Adapting To Working From Home

A remote worker has a constant blind-spot and is not able to use their full senses to gauge and tweak their work. This also makes them anxious and feel disconnected from the office proceedings. If handling a team remotely, ensure that the reporting/tracking of their work is transparent.

It helps to come prepared in meetings and answer questions in writing while providing a trace of context in your email/chat. Having a preset plan covering a couple of days helps reduce the constant interactions. 

Transparency of communication ensures minimum ambiguity. 


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Equipment At Home

Use video communication as it provides an emotional connection with the team, ensuring that the equipment is working properly and there is no echo on the microphone/headphone.

Have at least two modes of internet connections available, broadband/fiber along with wi-fi.


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Tools At Home

  • Video conferencing: Zoom software.
  • Chat Application: Slack, which can act as a virtual meeting room. Whatsapp can be avoided as it has an immediacy attached to it.
  • Document System: Google Docs/Google Suite.
  • Also consider a Virtual Private Network set up by work, to access your work documents, if applicable.


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Communication Tips

  • It is very easy to misinterpret emails and chats, so do not make any assumptions and be empathic.
  • Follow meeting protocol like preparing the agenda and providing the meeting summary to everyone.
  • Do not disturb people by requesting them to pick up the phone unless really needed. Do not expect an immediate response to chat and email.
  • Repetitive tasks can be documented to ensure that they can be done by whoever is available.
  • Do not rely on knowledge inside one person's head, ensuring it is written down and shared.
  • Use a checklist to track the team’s progress, sharing it with others.


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Learning every day how to efficiently work remotely. Ups and downs.

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