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How Fear Distorts What We Know

How Fear Distorts What We Know

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Deconstructing Anxiety

Deconstructing Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal experience, however, it is not recommended that we let ourselves be consumed by the fear it holds against us.

Being able to deconstruct anxiety will allow us to practice the principle of doing the opposite. With this, we will be able to reverse the responses we give out of habit in order for us to become free and live fulfilling lives.


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How Fear Fear Manipulates

Fear manipulates us through:

  • Impatience - Being fearful has made us into beings that want to have a solution for every single problem even though it isn't happening at the moment.
  • Future Orientation - Fear makes us internally experience something that isn't currently happening which fills us with adrenaline so that we'd be able to stave off the problem.
  • Time Distortion - Fear makes us feel like we're "stuck" and may never be able to get out of the situation.
  • Self-Generation - Fear demands us to keep on thinking.


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Getting Away From Fear

Being mindful about how fear manipulates our minds into overthinking certain situations is something we need to practice. Being able to see how manipulative fear is will allow us to loosen its grip on us.

We can do so by allowing ourselves to take the time we need in order for the fear to pass and to recognize that the future isn't as frightening as it seems. Once the fear passes, we are able to stand up for ourselves and that fear is only distorting our perception.


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