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A scientist's guide to life: How to concentrate

A scientist's guide to life: How to concentrate



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How To Concentrate: Distraction Is Also Needed

Distraction may seem not-so-great for productivity, but it is vital for your survival as well. Too much focus can be dangerous as we may miss potential changes and threats.

That being said, concentration happens best in total silence, especially in work that requires cognitive effort.

  • Office noise isn’t distracting if there is no speech involved.
  • Music without lyrics is less distracting than music which has lyrics in it. Music by itself is overrated as a concentration tool.
  • A gentle, coffee shop noise is great for productivity.

Coffee shop noise is a pleasant backdrop for productive work and noise-cancelling headphones aid in better screening out unexpected noise.

Each person may have a varying 'concentration mileage' depending on the kind of work being done.

One’s ability to concentrate is enhanced by having an efficient working memory, which needs to be exercised regularly.

Trying to remember stuff, and recalling numbers and listed items, increasing the numbers every week is a great way to improve our working memory.

  • Simply turn off your phone notifications or just switch the phone off, if you really want to concentrate. The world will not end and you can always catch up later.
  • If what you are concentrating on isn’t very interesting, your mind will wander to something else in a short while.

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