#1: Start the day with movement

Start your day by doing some exercises. You don't have to do a full workout. You can do yoga, take a walk outside, do some pushups or squats, or anything that gets your blood flowing and heart pumping.

Feeling energized has to be generated. Exercising, no matter how short, is one of the best ways to generate it. 


10 Super Simple Tips To Have More Energy During The Day


#2: Get sunlight and fresh air

Getting direct sunlight and fresh air works wonders for your health, mood and energy level. 

It helps your body's internal clock ( the circadian rhythm) stay on point.

It also helps generate Vitamin D (An essential vitamin responsible for bone health and many more important bodily functions).



#3: Practice Wim Hof breathing

More oxygen equals more energy.

The Wim Hof breathing method:

For 10–30 seconds, inhale and exhale intensily and deeply without any pauses in between the breaths. It’s important to breathe through your belly instead of through your chest.

By following this breathing exercise, you flood your body with oxygen, which leads to feeling highly energized.



#4: Stay hydrated

Not drinking enough water leads to lower energy production for the body and brain, leaving you to feel foggy and fatigued. 

Always drink right after waking up and try to always have a water bottle next to you, so you'll remember to drink when you feel sluggish. 



#5: Laugh a lot and be positive

Energy generated through the mind leads to energy experienced in the body, and vice-versa.

Have fun, be silly with your friends (and by yourself), and have a more positive outlook on life, it will make you feel a lot more energized.


#6: Work standing up

Work standing up helps you to feel more productive and energized while you work.

You can buy a standing desk or you can simply stand up and walk after you notice that you are sitting for a while.


#7: Do squats throughout the day

If you need a quick energy boost, do some squats throughout the day. 

It's through movement that we generate more energy.

By doing a few squats, your muscles get activated, the heart starts pumping, and blood is flowing through your body. 

You can do squats literally everywhere. You don’t need equipment and you don’t need workout clothes. 


#8: Prioritize your sleep

You need 7–8 hours of high-quality sleep each night to fully rest your body and brain.

Many believe that to be more productive, they need to sacrifice their sleep. 

In reality the opposite is true. A good night’s sleep is the foundation of a highly productive day.

Limit your caffeine intake and put your devices away at least one hour before going to bed.


#9: Take regular breaks

If you continue working for hours in a row without taking a break, you’ll eventually experience an energy crash.

One study found that taking breaks increases levels of energy at work and decreases exhaustion.

You’ll feel more energized after taking a break, which helps you work with better focus and clearer thinking.


#10: Avoid lots of sugar & caffeine

Consuming lots of caffeine impacts on your sleep quality and consequently on your energy level. 

Try to limit your coffee assumption to about 1 or 2 cups of coffee per day.

When you need an anergy boost, don't drink coffee. Instead practice the tips above. 


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